33 Lirik Relatable di Album 'Sour' Olivia Rodrigo, Cocok buat Caption Instagram!

Kezia Kevina Harmoko

Posted on May 24th 2021

(Foto: YouTube Olivia Rodrigo)

Olivia Rodrigo baru aja merilis album debutnya yang bertajuk Sour. Dan akui deh kalau kita semua gak bisa lepas dari lagu-lagunya. Dengan total 11 lagu di album tersebut, banyak banget lirik catchy yang relatable sama kita dan cocok buat caption foto estetik kamu lho. Nih beberapa di antaranya.


I want it to be, like, messy

And I'm so sick of seventeen / Where's my fucking teenage dream?

They say these are the golden years / But I wish I could disappear


Brown guilty eyes and little white lies

I played dumb, but I always knew

I kept quiet so I could keep you

Drivers License

And I know we weren't perfect / But I've never felt this way for no one

Yeah, you said forever, now I drive alone past your street

1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

It's one step forward and three steps back

I'm the love of your life until I make you mad

You got me fucked up in the head, boy

Deja Vu

So when you gonna tell her that we did that, too?

I made the jokes you tell to her when she's with you

She thinks it's special, but it's all reused

Good 4 U

Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily

Good for you / You're doin' great out there without me, baby

Remember when you swore to God I was the only

Maybe I'm too emotional… or maybe you never cared at all?

Enough For You

'Cause all I ever wanted was to be enough for you

Don't you think I loved you too much to think I deserve nothing?

Tried so hard to be everything that you liked just for you to say you're not the compliment type


So find someone great, but don't find no one better

I hope you're happy, but don't be happier

I'm selfish, I know, I can't let you go

Jealousy, Jealousy

Comparison is killin' me slowly

I think I think too much / 'Bout kids who don't know me

I'm happy for them, but then again, I'm not

Favorite Crime

One heart broke, four hands bloody

I hope I was your favorite crime

I crossed my heart as you crossed the line

Hope Ur OK

Address the letters to the holes in my butterfly wings

I hope you know how proud I am you were created

I love you and I hope that you're okay

Di luar kesuksesan lagu-lagunya yang hits dan sederet teori fan (terutama yang berkaitan sama Joshua Bassett), Olivia ternyata nggak peduli sama gosip dan fokus sama karyanya. Penyanyi satu ini juga sepertinya punya Disney Knees, pose lutut khas para artis Disney.

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